Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where you observe from Sundarban

You can visit sundarban at any place from Bangladesh or rest of the world. You first go to the district from where you want to visit. Like if you want to vist Sundarbon to the "Hiron point".
There are also two other Heritage side in Sunderban; one is Kochikhali and the other is Mandarbaria where you will find dears and birds. If you are lucky you can see the Great Royal Bengal Tiger, but for sure you can at least see the stepping of Great Royal Bengal Tiger here and there in these spots.a tourist spot in Sunderban. It is called the world heritage state. You can enjoy the beauty of wild nature and dotted dears walking and running in Hiron point. 
Katka is one of Heritage sites in Sunderban. In Katka there is a wooden watching tower of 40 ft. high from where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Sunderban. A beautiful sea beach is there is Katka; you will enjoy while you are walking to go the beach from the watching tower. Verities birds are visible in Katka.
You can visit sundarban by these places . These places are safe and you can observe different kinds of wild animals and birds from there.

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